The Apocalypse

The Great Apocalypse Explained and What This Significant Event Means to You

The Apocalypse

An old saying says, “When the student is ready, the master will appear.” But when the student is not yet ready, something else will happen.

Many religious scholars, such as Hal Lindsey, claim to have said that a nuclear war could be the cause of the apocalypse. But this will not be the end of life on earth. Revelations 6 and 16 hold the signs that are needed to be fulfilled. As far as the Spirit has guided me, as a faithful witness, I have been given the sacred duty of fulfilling what the Bible has told me.

is more to the apocalypse in the Bible than what meets the eye. For the apocalypse to happen, God will send signs, and I’ve seen the first six seals opened firsthand in the past thousands of years that I have roamed the earth as a reincarnation of many human beings. Much of the prophecy in the book of Revelation have been fulfilled many times so that what has been said will be clarified and the people who have done wrong in their past lives will be able to redeem themselves. For God is ever merciful and forgiving, He has given us a chance to mend our ways in our next lifetime—if we choose to continue to live on earth. This is referred to as the working of their karma.

To be able to recognize these signs, one must first know the book of Revelations and be open to the leadings of the Spirit. Whenever the Spirit knows that you are ready, you will be given the opportunity to see what others fail to see. You will not believe what various versions of apocalypse documentary are.

The apocalypse explained here is not what you have been taught to believe in, but it will help you in your journey to know God’s will. The apocalypse is one of the revelations of the Spirit. God speaks to those who follow his ways, to those who are loyal to His laws.

The book of Revelations tells us of the four horses and their riders who were sent to the world by God when they were opened by the reincarnated Jesus in the flesh, as what He should be every time He opens one seal after the other.

As a faithful witness in many years, I have come to realize the important roles my family carries in the apocalypse that is to come, as what my past lifetimes have permitted me to remember through my dreams. I have seen my son Rick, his family, and our family get together in a very special occasion. Rick is the second seal (the rider of the red horse), and he recognizes his identity as one of the seals that has been opened. My dad’s identity is symbolized as the third seal (he is the rider of the black horse who held a pair of balances). My youngest brother’s identity is symbolized as the rider of the pale horse, the fourth seal. In actuality, we are one big family that are included in the present incarnations of the descendants of Adam and Noah—created to be the instruments of God’s power.

The Lord God has created the lords of karma to punish the people who, even though are subject to the laws of karma, failed to mend their ways. This means that the fifth and the sixth seal has been opened by our very own people of the USA. Since we are known as the great protector of Israel, we have harbored hatred from all sides. Therefore, we have the fact that the USA is primarily involved in the opening of the fifth and sixth seals. The karmic justice will be served when the seventh seal will be opened.

When I once asked my wife of the time when God is coming, she simply said, “Who cares?” The truth is, she’s right. Only God, the Almighty Father, knows the time when the apocalypse will happen. In the meantime, we are given the chance to be born again to mend our ways, until justice is served, until we are in perfection in God’s eyes, for He suddenly comes like a thief in the middle of the night when no one expects Him to arrive.

Revelations 16:15–16 says, “‘Look, I come like a thief! Blessed is the one who stays awake and remains clothed, so as not to go naked and be shamefully exposed.’ Then they gathered the kings together to the place that in Hebrew is called Armageddon.”

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