How Karma and Reincarnation Impact Our Life

Understanding the law of karma and reincarnation

karma and reincarnation


Life is intricately connected with death. It is a cycle that can only have one beginning and one ending. Many philosophers and religious intellectuals have pondered the mystery of life beyond death. Do we dissolve into oblivion? Do we go to paradise? Or do we reincarnate? How do karma and reincarnation play into this? What is reincarnation and how does karma relate to it?

The idea that once an individual dies, he or she will be reborn into another body has been in existence for at least three thousand years. Reincarnation is present in two major religions: Hinduism and Buddhism. But it is also apparent in Judaism and Christianity. Reincarnation suggests this is not our first visit to earth, and it will not be the last. It is a cycle of rebirth that can take millions of years, until we ascend to the highest plane, or as the Buddhists call it, “the final deathless state.”

Karma and reincarnation go hand in hand. As we live, we accumulate positive and negative deeds, and they are all recorded. There is no way we can get away with anything. Karma plays its part. We pay for what we have done in our current lives in our next life and the life after that. Karma ensures that we suffer for our sins and are rewarded for our good deeds. It takes many lifetimes to arrive at a resolution.

Even during the time of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, the belief in karma was already in existence. As I have pointed out in my book, the law of karma and reincarnation work to bring family members together from time to time, as each individual progresses on a chosen path that is determined by their characters, or who they were when they were originally created. Their karmas are caused by events in the past, the present situation, and the level of faith in future expectations.

Just look around you, we are all still here in new physical bodies on earth, trying to resolve our karma caused by the events of the past lifetimes. As I worked to open the first Five Seals of the book of Revelation (via the assistance of the Holy Spirit), I observed that many of the unique individuals described in the Bible are still on earth today. The same people will be drawn together over and over in order to renew friendships and to resolve their karma. This rule has especially applied in the tradition of the Jewish people to maintain family ties. Although all descendants of Abraham have been blessed by the God of Shem generation after generation, it has been difficult for them to resolve their karma with their neighbors. It is easy to understand that Aaron and Moses needed to resolve the karma produced when Joseph used his brother, Benjamin, to get Jacob to move his family to Egypt.

Learning and mastering the spiritual wisdom on karma and reincarnation will be of great help to resolve whatever anchors us on earth and for us to move on to the higher plane.

I hope I have enlightened you about karma and reincarnation. To know more about this, you can check out my books, The Awakening and The Eternal Way of God. You can also connect with me through Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads.




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